Learn About Me.

I am a graphic design student at the University of Akron. Ever since I can
remember art has been a passion of mine. Drawing and photography have
been a big part of my life and I love being able to express myself creatively
through that. I started school in 2014 as a photography major and in 2016
I changed my major to graphic design. After switching into graphic design
I saw that I was able to combine my love for drawing and photography in
interesting ways. I like to include my photography in my designs when I
am able to. I am also always interested in trying new things with designs.
Graphic design started as my backup plan and has become something I
love and want to excel at. Some of my skills include having good time
management skills and being a fast learner. I am proficient in Photoshop,
InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Office applications. I also have some
experience using Sketchbook Pro.